Call for papers - vol. 6 no. 2 (2022)


Main theme: International Environmental Law and Climate Change Law. Challenges and development perspectives

Editors of the Volume: Iwona Wrońska, Tomasz Dubowski

Eastern European Journal of Transnational Relations is pleased to announce our upcoming issue: “International Environmental Law and Climate Change Law” to be published in the winter as Volume 6, Number 2.

The growing concern over environmental protection and the current state of the planet has prompted the international community to take global and local action. Since the Industrial Revolution, human activity has had a both positive and negative effect on global welfare. Poverty, climate migration, pollution, shrinking habitats are only few ex-post dire consequences of environmental deterioration and climate change.

Environmental protection is a multi-faceted problem which does not discriminate, and effects both developed and developing countries. The current dilemma is no longer a legal deliberation on effective policies and preventative measure design. International law already embodies the principal goal of the international community to shift from fossil fuels as the primary energy source. Mechanisms such as the 1992 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol, and the Paris Agreement warrant environmental protection and safety.

Limiting global warming and avoiding catastrophic consequences is an endeavor that requires substantial cooperation of the international community. The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs established 17 sustainable development goals. Goal #13 demands to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Paper themes:

We invite authors to consider and tackle the broad and complex topic from various angles, and consider some of the issues, which include, but are not limited to:


  • Universal and regional protection of the environment
  • State and non-governmental activity
  • Economic impact of climate change
  • Social impact of climate change
  • Environmental protection policy
  • Environmental and human rights protection systems
  • Climate justice
  • Climate Migration
  • Government expropriation
  • Political considerations of environmental law
  • Longtermism and climate protection
  • Resolving environmental disputes
  • Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection


We welcome submissions inspired by these issues, as well as those that interpret this volume’s theme differently. We strongly encourage an interdisciplinary review and commentaries that facilitate cross-cultural and international dialogue in the realm of international environmental protection.


Submission Details:

To apply, please send your paper to: Iwona Wrońska (University of Białystok): and Tomasz Dubowski (University of Białystok): by 1 September, 2022.

Select Authors will be invited to submit their revised papers by: 10 September 2022

Please note if you do not hear from Editorial Board by 10 September 2022

Revised papers are to be submitted by: 31 October 2022

Volume Publication: December 2022

Enquiries and Information

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We are looking forward to your submissions.



Category: Environmental Law, Climate change Law, International Law