Current Issue

Vol. 3 no. 1 (2019)

Main theme: „Innovations – Intellectual property – Development”


Innovation – which has become a key element of the economic and social development in modern states – implicates numerous problems of legal nature, most importantly in the field of intellectual property protection. At the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, along with globalization accompanied by digitalization and development of the Internet resources, came new exploitation areas and new categories of goods requiring proper and innovative protection. At the same time, more opportunities appeared allowing violation of the rights of the authors and property rights holders. The list of problems in the intellectual property field is expanding and this expansion is proved by the rich case law of the courts on the national level, as well as on the European Union level. Active engagement of organizations for the protection of copyrights can also be witnessed and adds to the importance of the  occurring changes. The presented volume of the European Journal of Transnational Relations is mostly dedicated to the various issues within the field of intellectual property law perceived through the lenses of actual cases and significant questions. We hope that the published articles will be of inspiration to all readers interested in the innovative aspects of the topics discussed.




Introduction [PDF]


Adrian Niewęgłowski, Current Problems Being Faced by the Consortia with Respect to Industrial Property in the Light of Empirical Research [PDF]

Martyna Mielniczuk, The Devil Wears Solely Louboutin. The Red Sole as a Trade Mark in Light of the Rulings of CJEU and the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit [PDF]

Zbigniew Więckowski, Is the Compulsory Licensing Mechanism Guaranteed by TRIPS the Best Remedy to Improve Access to Biological Therapies Worldwide? [PDF]

Dominika Stopczańska, Music Trademarks and their Protection in Trademark and Copyright Law [PDF]

Agnieszka Przygoda, The International Registration of Trade Marks under The Madrid System: Advantages and Disadvantages [PDF]

Magdalena Kropiwnicka, The Protection of Unregistered Designs in EU Law [PDF]


Robert Ciborowski, The Schumpeterian Approach to Technological Changes in Different

Economic Systems [PDF]


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